Word Solitaire

Welcome to Word Solitaire - A brand new, free and unique game that combines words with cards! It's time for you and your friends to try something new!

Enjoy amazing levels with fun layouts and make your way through the cities and travel to the next one as you conquer the world.

Each level has a Tripeaks Solitaire layout to make the levels fun, challenging and addictive.

When you progress in each city you will visit the most famous sights in the world, are you ready for your next word adventure?

How to play:

• BUILD WORDS: Each card in the Solitaire puzzle contains a letter that you can use to form a word.
• FRESH & EXCITING GAMEPLAY: If you are unable to form a word, you can get a new letter card from the deck.
• SHOW OFF YOUR SKILLS: Each letter has a specific score on it. Use your skills to form longer high and scoring words.
• HIT THE BOOSTERS: Place letters on the double letter or triple word slots to get even higher scores.
• CREATIVE CHALLENGES: Beat the objective using your expert word building skills.
• SOCIAL GAMEPLAY: Can you progress in the cities faster than your friends and get the highest scores on the levels? (Coming soon)

This game is for the fans of both classic word games, crossword games and Solitaire games.

Play now and start your journey across the great cities of the world!