Soft launch for the match-3 game Hell’s Kitchen started

Qiiwi announces today that they have started the soft launch for their new match-3 game using the famous Hell’s Kitchen brand. The game is the first launch in Qiiwi’s “Branded Games” strategy and the first collaboration with ITV Studios Global Entertainment.

The reality series Hell’s Kitchen has been launched in over 20 countries such as Australia, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States. 18 seasons of the American version have been produced and it has been sold throughout the world.

Soft launch for the match-3 game Hell’s Kitchen started:

Hell’s Kitchen is a brand in which both ITV Studios Global Entertainment and Qiiwi see huge international potential which will help to drive high volume traffic very cost-effectviely.

Soft launch:
The game will initially be soft-launched in Australia, Canada and New Zealand on Android and iOS devices to evaluate KPIs and for continuing optimization with the aim to launch the game internationally later this year.

About the game:
In the match-3 game Hell’s Kitchen, the player follows Olivia a character who has always dreamt of becoming a chef. After emerging victorious on the TV show she now has the chance to make that dream come true in her own Hell’s Kitchen restaurant!

The Hell’s Kitchen representative gives Olivia her ultimate challenge: to turn an outdated restaurant mansion and garden into the glory that a Hell’s Kitchen restaurant deserves!

Link to the game’s intro sequence:




Metagaming elements:
The game will effectively weave so-called metagaming elements into the game flow. The player’s progress in the match-3 levels will drive the parallel side story which sees the player restoring, decorating and building their restaurant.

Metagaming is a rapidly growing trend in mobile games which has shown that player engagement increases as more dimensions are added to the gaming experience. Since 2018 Qiiwi has focused on developing game titles with metagaming elements.

CEO Erik Dale Rundberg comments:

“We are currently at a very exciting stage for Qiiwi as we start the soft launch for our new match-3 game using the famous Hell’s Kitchen brand. Since our team started the development of the game at the end of January, we have worked closely with ITV on the creation of the game. Match-3 is a genre that we have focused on since the acquisition of Milliplay in 2018 and we are confident that this game has great potential to make an impact in the genre on a global level.

The benefits of working with a strong international brand are many, but one of the most important aspects of today’s mobile gaming climate is the ability to grow a player base cost-effectively. With ITV’s support and this world famous TV show we are really looking forward to now being able to start the soft launch for this exciting project.

We will be working with ITV on various marketing activities to build up to the international launch later in the year.”

More info and descriptions of the game will be published on as well as at Hell’s Kitchen: Match-3 ‘s Facebook page:

For further information:

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