Explore Iconic Cities Like Never Before!

Start your trivia adventure and hop from one city to another. Discover major cities in a way you’ve never experienced before. The more you progress in this travel game, the more you’ll unlock, including jaw-dropping landmarks and even more cities brimming with unique souvenirs.

Challenge Your Brain with Fun Trivia!

Each city in this quiz game presents a fresh set of trivia questions. Nail these brain-teasers, and you’ll unlock stunning landmarks. These aren’t just any trivia questions; they’re your ticket to collecting amazing souvenirs, collectibles and progressing through the quiz game.

Collect Unique Souvenirs!

As you travel to each city’s landmarks, don’t forget to collect souvenirs. They’re not just tokens of your journey; they’re memories of the unique places you’ve visited in this exciting travel game.

Are You the Ultimate Backpacker?

Ready to take on the challenge of this quiz game? Can you ace all the trivia questions and snag all the souvenirs? Do you want to play a travel game that will take you around the world? Backpacker isn’t just a quiz game; it’s a testament to your love for travel and trivia!