Mobile game developer and publisher Qiiwi Games and leading independent distributor All3Media International today announce the start of the global soft launch of the new mobile game Midsomer Murders: Words, Crime & Mystery. Based on the iconic UK detective series, the game is currently available on Android and iOS devices in all countries of the world.

About Midsomer Murders:

Midsomer Murders is one of the UK's leading drama exports and the series has been seen in over 200 countries worldwide via distribution by All3Media International. The series is based on the popular books about Detective Inspector Barnaby from acclaimed author Caroline Graham. The series is now in its 22nd season from Bentley Productions and is broadcasted via ITV in the UK. In Midsomer Murders, viewers follow Detective Superintendent Barnaby as he investigates the very high death toll in the seemingly idyllic county of Midsomer.

About the game: Midsomer Murders: Words, Crime & Mystery

The word game Midsomer Murders: Words, Crime & Mystery is available on Android and iOS and is the first collaboration between All3Media International and Qiiwi Games. In the game, the player will join Elizabeth Barnaby, detective John Barnaby's niece and a talented new addition to the Midsomer Police Force. The player helps Elizabeth put her detective skills to the test by completing mini-games and crossword puzzles. With the help of Elizabeth and her four-legged friend Paddy, players can interrogate insidious suspects, discover hidden clues and solve the history behind various crimes.

Since May 2021, the game has only been available in selected markets in a so-called locked soft launch. During the soft launch, Qiiwi and All3Media have continued to optimize the gaming experience and added more content. During the locked soft launch, the game has performed well, which has now led the parties to choose to extend the game into a global soft launch.

In the global soft launch, the game will be evaluated in major markets such as the UK, US and Germany with the aim of increasing marketing investments for the game in each market as soon as possible which then means the game can start its global launch.

More information about the game can be found at: www.qiiwi.com/midsomer-murders

CEO Erik Dale Rundberg comments:

"After a strong locked soft launch for Midsomer Murders where the game has shown good key figures, it will now be very exciting to expand the game to a global level. The game has generated a lot of interest and we receive daily inquiries about when the game will be available in markets where it was previously unavailable. It is therefore extra fun to now welcome all players who have longed for the game.

Midsomer Murders is a unique word game where we mix innovative mechanics with a story that we hope will captivate the player.

Going forward, we will work to analyze the game's performance in major markets and draw conclusions about how we will best increase the player base of the game with more powerful investments in marketing. In addition to this, our team is continuing to add features and content to increase player engagement and ARPDAU. Together with All3Media, we are also working to promote the game on social media channels that exists for Midsomer Murders, where we expect to reach fans of the series all over the world and we already see strong interest for the game from these channels."

For more information, please contact:

Erik Dale Rundberg, CEO, Qiiwi Games
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Aktieinvest FK AB
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About Qiiwi Games AB (publ)

Qiiwi Games is a developer and publisher of games for mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. The company's current operations started in 2012 and  the company has gaming studios in Alingsås, Sweden and Nicosia, Cyprus. Qiiwi focuses on developing mobile games aimed at "Casual Gamers" in the trivia, match-3 and word/puzzle genres. The company's slogan is "Adventures for Everyone".

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