Status update from Playright

Qiiwi Games UK-based subsidiary, Playright Digital Entertainment LTD, is giving a status update regarding on-going projects, game prototypes and 2022 Q1 focus.

  • 2021 Highlight: Two prototypes out!

    In December we developed and soft launched two hyper casual game prototypes, Treasure Whacker and Backpacker Hype.

  • Treasure Whacker has so far passed through initial marketing tests and is showing promising metrics. The game has also attracted interest from three hyper casual publishers.

    After the marketing tests we have expanded the design with longer player engagement in mind. Our next goal is to release a more extended version of the game in the first half of February, that will be updated regularly with more levels and more content.

    We are equipping Treasure Whacker with meta elements which we hope will offer enough depth to drive higher LTVs without compromising accessibility. Another goal of adding more meta elements is to be able to leverage In-app purchases, potentially tapping into the emerging and lucrative “hybrid casual games market”.

    Our focus is still on keeping the game as fun, as simple and as widely appealing as possible in order to achieve low acquisition costs and to drive long-term player engagement.

  • Backpacker Hype is a trivia game that didn’t hit its internal metric targets and we have decided to re-evaluate it. We believe that the game didn’t reach a wide enough audience due to its complexity in the game design. We have since refined the concept to be much simpler and intend to do another test before the end of this month.
  • 2022 Q1 Headlines: Growth and several projects on-going!
  • Puzzle Games Platform: Since the beginning of the year, we have been working on designing and putting together a platform that will allow us to reuse the same elements to quickly build numerous different puzzle games. The types of different elements we will be able to reuse is for example user interface, achievements and daily goals.
  • New Game Prototype: The first game that we are making with the new puzzle platform is a color focused game without fail condition which is something that has become more and more popular within hyper casual games. The game is aimed at a female audience without age restrictions, and we are aiming for a soft launching in Q1.
  • We have also conceptualized a new game that we call Backpacker Chef, again reusing our new puzzle games platform for the game. Backpacker Chef is inspired by the simple mechanic of domino-based play. We believe that Backpacker Chef will have great synergies with some of the games that Qiiwi Games are already making, like Hell’s Kitchen, MasterChef and Kitchen Nightmares. This will let us be able to leverage cross promotion user acquisition strategies which in return means increasing player engagement across the whole Qiiwi Games portfolio of games.
  • African market: We have prepared two hyper casual party game concepts, aimed specifically at the emerging African market. We are looking to partner with an experienced publisher for the region that will enable our games to tap into a market with 650M mobile users. If these games succeed, it is also possible to launch games based on this development in other regions of the world with various adjustments. We hope to be able to inform more about this project soon
  • NFTs and Play-2-Earn: As part of looking for growth opportunities at Playright, we are now researching NFTs for some of our ideas and game prototypes. We are looking to deploy a first test of NFT enabled mechanics in March. We are also interrogating the game-NFT fit by analysing:

– Clean solution that will not bottleneck the player engagement funnel with sign up and wallet setup screens.

– Additional engagement potential driven by the presence of NFTs.

– Potentially greater monetization opportunities offered by NFT-enabled systems.

For further information:

Erik Dale Rundberg, CEO, Qiiwi Games AB 
T: +46709260697
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Aktieinvest FK AB
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About Qiiwi Games AB

Qiiwi Games is a developer and publisher of games for mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. The company’s current operations started in 2012 and the company has studios in Alingsås, Sweden and Nicosia, Cyprus. Qiiwi Games focuses on developing mobile games targeting “Casual Gamers” within the genres Match-3, Word/Puzzle and Trivia. The company’s slogan is “Adventures for Everyone”.

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